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When you are looking for the best moving service in Bradenton, you have to do your homework. Ask yourself the following questions while you are checking out a business:

  • Do they offer transparent pricing? You need to know exactly what you are getting into, and you do not want any surprise costs to pop up unexpectedly at the end of the move.
  • Will the provide recent references? Recent clients will provide valuable insight into the company and how they work.
  • What do online reviews say? Are others saying that they are the best moving service in Bradenton? Check, Google, the Better Business Bureau, and other trusted online review services for feedback from real people.
  • Are they licensed and insured? Only trust a business that has an operating license as well as offers comprehensive insurance to cover any potential mishaps or accidents along the way.
  • Do they offer full replacement value insurance? Most companies only offer partial replacement value insurance, leaving you with more losses than gains if anything bad should happen.
  • Do they contract workers or do they hire full-time employees? The best moving service in Bradenton should have the ability to hire and retain full-time employees instead of relying on contract workers to supply the muscles.
  • Do they own their own trucks or do they rent them from another company? Owning their own trucks is better because they have more control over the quality and care of the fleet.

Packing 101: How to Make the Move Easier

Before starting the packing process in Bradenton, make sure that you have the materials and supplies necessary. You do not want to be in the middle of boxing up all of the kitchen flatware only to find that you have run out of tape. Before you pack a single box, remember to avoid over packing boxes. Over packing increases the chances of something inside being damaged or broken during the move. Securely tape all sides of the boxes closed and use plenty of paper and padding for cushioning. Even the best moving service will be slowed down by items falling out of boxes.

To make things smoother on the day of the move, disassemble beds and tape the slats and any bolts or screws to the bed frame. While you do your own packing, be sure to unplug all appliances and lamps. Do not forget to remove shades from lamps, and try to keep cords and accessories like the remote control in the same box as the appliance. Remove flat screen TVs from the walls, and take down pictures, fans, and anything else that is going with you.

Tips, Tricks, and Reminders for Moving

While packing, be sure to note the content of each box by writing on the outside with a permanent marker. Assign each room in the new house a number, and put that number clearly on the outside of the box. That way, the movers will know exactly where to put the box when putting everything in the new house. This makes unpacking easier for you and the movers since they will not have to ask you where to put every single item. Instead, the boxes do all of the talking. This makes the entire process smoother and quicker.

Finally, if you are packing up your own boxes, make sure that you maintain a clear pathway inside your Bradenton home. You want to have easy access both in and out of the front door so that no one trips or stumbles over anything while toting heavy boxes. Even the best moving service is not infallible! Be sure as well to secure any pets in a cage or with a leash so they are not tripping hazards either.

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