Save Money & Time On Your Move With These Professional Moving Tips From Secure Movers:

  1. Disassemble beds.
  2. Remove the mirrors from dressers.
  3. Do your own packing.
  4. Disconnect appliances.
  5. Unplug lamps and remove shades.
  6. Take down flat screen tvs, pictures, fans, hanging lamps, etc.
  7. Move the small odds and ends yourself.
  8. Have a general idea for the floor plan at the new location.
  9. Be certain we have the gate codes and that all moving restrictions are coordinated prior to the day of your move.
  10. Be certain there is adequate truck parking at both pick up and drop off locations.
  11. Make sure there is a pathway for our movers to walkthrough inside your home, office, apartment, etc.

Secure Movers customers over the past 25 years have saved tens of thousands of dollars by following this list. We hope it will do the same for you.

All the above functions or tips can be professionally performed by our Professional Movers and Packers, however any of these tips you can do will result in saved time and money.