1. Collect as many FREE boxes from around town a few weeks before the move.
  2. Do your own packing.
  3. Disassemble beds.
  4. Disconnect cable, TV, VCR and stereo equipment.
  5. Disconnect appliances (example: washer, dyer, fridge, freezer).
  6. Unplug lamps and remove shades.
  7. Have a general idea for the floor plan at the new location.
  8. Move all odds and ends able to fit in your vehicle yourself.
  9. Pack items from fridge and freezer into boxes before the crew arrives.

Our moving team can perform the above tips, however any of the items you can do will result in financial savings for you.

The following items will also result in money saved, but must be coordinated by the customer.

  1. Be certain that all moving times and elevator restrictions are coordinated prior to the day or your move.
  2. Be certain there is adequate truck parking at both pickup and drop off locations.