Here are some tips from Secure Movers that will assist you when planning and organizing your move!


REMINDER: Do not overfill or overweight the boxes and make sure to use only boxes with all sides enclosed. This could cause damage, make more difficult to maneuver, and harder to stack and load onto the moving truck.

WARDROBE BOX WITH HANGING BAR: Used for Clothes that are on Hangers, can be taken directly from your closets and hung in these boxes. This eliminates the need to iron or clean your clothes after you move. Available for sale or rent.

MIRROR/PICTURE BOXES: These boxes are specially designed to protect mirrors, paintings and framed pictures.

DISH-PACKS: These are extra strength boxes used to protect fragile items like dishes, china, glassware, figurines and other small valuable objects.

LARGE BOX: Used for lightweight bulky items like linens, blankets, towels and lampshades.

MEDIUM BOX: Used for pots and pans, kitchen utensils, stereo equipment, shoes, toys, clothes and small appliances.

SMALL BOX: Used for heavy items such as books, records, and tools.

MATTRESS/BOX SPRING CARTONS: Used to keep your beds fresh and clean. Available in various sizes.

PACKING TAPE: Used to seal the cartons. We tape brown paper pads around your furniture to protect the finish, we use tape when diaper wrapping cotton pads around your furniture to secure the pad around the item.

BUBBLE WRAP/PACKING PAPER: Used to protect delicate and fragile items such as dishes, glass, high value household goods and antiques.

SPEED PACK BOX: Used to expedite customers household goods when they have elevator’s or they are moving out of a House. These boxes Save our Movers from doing multiple trips to the moving truck.

BROWN PAPER PAD: Used to diaper Wrap around your furniture for protection while it’s in storage or inside our moving trucks, Great extra protection for high value household goods and furniture. They help protect the finish on your furniture.

FLAT SCREEN TV BOX: Use to protect the finish and the tv from getting damaged during transportation.

We welcome your calls to our courteous staff for advice, questions, or concerns you may have, Mickey Fehrenbach, Owner & Operator of Secure Movers Inc.

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